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"A taste of NOLA, in HTX"

Pronounced just- [snoh]

Some may know it as a snow cone, others as shaved ice, but in New Orleans it’s called a snowball. Our ice is fine, fluffy, and snow-like, compared to coarse and crunchy snow cones.

We have  over 30  different flavors, creole  cream, and our signature ICE CREAM STUFFED snowballs!


Just Sneaux would love the opportunity to cater your next event! From corporate parties and baby showers,  to sporting events and birthday parties, we have you covered!


Contact us today to learn about fundraising opportunities at no cost to your organization. Planning a large church event? Just Sneaux will donate 10% of revenue for the day back to the church.

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"We make snowballs, not snow cones"
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